Heating Installation

Extending the Life of Your Furnace with Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance keeps your home safe, comfortable and saves you costly repairs by catching problems early. You wouldn’t drive your car without scheduling regular maintenance, and the same goes for your furnace.

Regular inspections on your heating system can keep some warranties valid. They can also detect safety hazards that may otherwise go unnoticed. Don't wait until you're faced with an emergency situation. Stay up to date with your system's maintenance to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your family.

At Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide full-service preventative maintenance for our customers. Below are the steps we follow while working on your system:

  • Clean or replace standard air filters (customer supplied)
  • Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces
  • Inspect ignition system and safety controls, clean and adjust as needed
  • Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring, and connections
  • Inspect heat exchangers or heating element
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Monitor gas furnace for correct line and manifold gas pressure, make adjustments as needed
  • Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacements as needed

Contact the professionals at Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your heating preventative maintenance.