Air conditioner repair and service experts when it really matters.

Families in Cleveland turn to the professionals at Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning for our fast and reliable air conditioning repair service. Avoid waiting around in the intense summer heat when your air conditioning unit unexpectedly breaks down. 

We service all makes and models and provide dependable service that’s unmatched in our industry. When you choose Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning, you can expect:

Prompt and efficient service

The heat and humidity in Cleveland can become nearly unbearable. That’s why our team can get to you quickly in order to identify the problem with your air conditioner. Why suffer through another hot night? We'll be there right away.

Professional service

Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning is built on providing professional service. We treat you and your home with respect. That means being clean and smart, wearing shoe covers to protect your flooring, and keeping all work areas tidy.

Contact the professionals at Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your repair.

Credit card options

If your A/C breakdown has come at an inopportune moment, Caraballo Heating and Air Conditioning accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diners Club International.

Straight forward pricing

You know the price BEFORE we do any repairs. Once we have identified the problem, we’ll give you a full up-front estimate of what the repairs will cost. You’ll always know the full price in advance. This means less worrying since you’ll be well-informed about the cost of your air conditioner repair or replacement options that are best for you.